Shuttle Barebone X5073XA, Kühlungstyp: Passiv, Prozessor Vorverbaut: Ja, Prozessorsockel: FCBGA1528, Gehäuse Bauart: AIO (All-in-One), Touchscreen: Ja

Manufacturer Shuttle
Manufacturer# X5073XA BLACK
Distributor Product ID 1089954
Energy label
Delivery time: 2- 4 days
The Shuttle XPC X5073XA is a fully configured all-in-one system. Its modern processor architecture helps improve on power consumption and computing power. Thanks to its passive cooling, the system is virtually noiseless, maintenance-free and approved for 24/7 nonstop operation. Particularly suitable for vertical applications is the arrangement of connectors at the bottom and the IP54-compliant front panel which is dust-protected and protected from splashing of water.
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